Sunday, January 27, 2013

WHat a difference a day can make!

We should work on Sundays more often. If they work out like this.

There was a quiet sense of purpose at morning meeting. 'Father Rick' closing with inspiring closing words, that for a change had a backdrop of silence, with no other workers around.

Julien Croisier made the effort to join us for half a day and helped complete the roof framing.

The next time I got down from up there Jim, Barbara and Olga had surrounded the box frame with little rafters. Already our synagogue looked much closer to complete.

Meanwhile the ceiling crew is making steady progess.

A mighty puzzle of colorful pieces is stacked all around the frame

At this point giving no more than hints of animals and shapes.

Remember these pictures?

 Add a bit of this and this and this....

....and you end up with something to be proud of:

Jacob, who was working on the ridge most of the day noticed that there were five levels of people working on the frame: Alicia and Jim on the collar ties below him, Barbara and I on the tiebeam level below them, then the ceiling crew on scissor lifts and scaffolding and more people on the ground. 

The often hoped for TFG projects flywheel was powerfully humming yesterday.

 It left us only with the wish that we had been able to assemble it on an open field, where one can take a step back and revel at the size and shape of this beautiful building.

As Alicia predicted on our day off: we are Stayin Alive!

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