Saturday, January 12, 2013

Four words that do not belong together...

... Last minute steeple work

The weather was fine, a bit windy maybe. But a balmy 42˚F and bits of sun scattered about. The last two weeks before Christmas John and I labored with PVC (ugghh) to build new decorative handrails for the West Newbury church in Vermont. 
These pictures are from Thursday. we shipped and assembled the two sets of square handrail and had the crane pick them and lift them over the tip of the spire (@75 feet in the air).
Friday was a bit more chilly and gray and we fastened the rails for good. Just a bit tricky. 
We finished with just enough time to come home and pack. Melody made a great dinner, and breakfast and decided on the right food truck in downtown Boston. I'm going to miss her!

Greetings from Logan airport, where I am about to board for Warsaw, via Amsterdam. 

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