Monday, January 14, 2013

First days are...

...slow, were the opening words from Alicia Spence at the gathering this morning.
And this day was no different.

There was the physical orientation: getting from the hotel to the museum and finding the entrance. 

Then the nagging detail of waiting to be let onto the site...

But we are eventually led through hallways and stairways...

and mazes of metlal to the actual spot...

and get to reconnect with the timbers we worked over a year and a half ago!
This is Jacob, a Danish woodworker, wearing the requisite helmet.

We find that the site is for now mainly two things: dark and dusty

After safety meetings and subsequent 'tests', as well as health exams to satisfy polish regulations ( of which there are a lot), and waiting for the drywallers to get out of the way, we finally get to start our process:

Laying out the location of the ceiling bolts on the ground
Alicia with Olga and Jacob up high

And verifying that the result is close enough to square to meet tolerances.
Alicia, Barbara and Jim with Jacob in the distance.

At eight thirty we achieved congruency!

In the mean time it has started to snow. It is solidly below freezing and slated to stay that way.

Warszawa sure looks pretty on a wintry night.

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