Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finally everybody's out of the way

The TFG crew getting more and more in tune with the regulations: wearing fancy new helmets and shiny vests and gloves. Thank goodness those vesta are already dirty from bringing in steel.

We should really have a better group picture than this, but left to right:
Barbara Czoch, England, Witek Laski, Poland, Jim Kricker, NY State, Jacob Bach Jensen, Denmark, Alicia Spence, Massachusetts, Yours truly, Vermont

The crane guy got to show his stuff as well: this is the first set of logs being lifted into place...

....and what looks not too twisted in the pile...

looks pretty funky when put into contact! This dovetail....

...as well as others...

need quite a bit of help!

Picture of the day!
Jacob using dish soap and a more classic incentive to drive in alignment pegs.

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