Monday, January 28, 2013

The focus is shifting

As the timber framing crew is working on putting the last timbers onto the frame,

gable rafters and hips,

they find that they fit with minimal adjustments. What's better is that those can be achieved by hatchet.

Sprockets (?) for the outshot rafters and hips. By Anja and Olga.

 And we find ourselves glancing at the busy ceiling work more and more.

Jim has been "inside" the most of us and has been working out the tricky business of making the now painted boards fit into the frame, just as they had been back in Sanok. And as usual, there are never enough notes and markings as one would wish. So all the experience and creativity is called upon. All the while balancing patience and haste.

Jacob and Jason Loik of the ceiling crew took the time to climb to the ridge yesterday morning for the ceremony of the whetting bush. 

Anja provided the spruce branch from her home.

We also stray into other parts of the museum, that were always there...

...always stunning...

...always fantastic...

...and very much a good and worthy home for our frame.

Oh, the goods still to come!

Now the framers have to find a way to be useful to the ceiling crew, to make best use of the three remaining days.

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