Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This spaceship is ready for blast off

On the morning of the last day I am writing about the second to last day. 

For the first time I had the thought/feeling/realization that this synagogue is going to be complete. Somehow, this go around there as been this background sense of impossibility about the work. All the labor and love that went into it from all the people over all the weeks and months and years, all that is now put together. With a few more things on the punch list. 

The pendentive boards (the triangle shaped parts of the eight sided big dome went in yesterday and Witek and I followed the ceiling crew on the outside to scribe the ribs to the boards. It is not the first thing in this frame to be built backwards.

The subtlest clue for this are the paint drips, as Matt in his quiet observing ways pointed out.

So here a selection of pictures from the outside and the inside. 
Both have their beauty, but one of them takes the cake.

I'm a timber framer. So I put the brown side first. 

There are somewhere around 320 pieces of wood in the frame, not counting the ceiling.


The small curve is the Zodiac level. Above it the Lantern. 

Leading up to the Zodiac is the main dome, the part of the ceiling with the most area.

Tying the four sides of the domes together are the pendentive triangles.

These boards got applied to the surface of the main dome boards.

The ribs produced in Sanok did not quite have the correct curve. It's complicated stuff.

So these ribs got put in place and scribed to the installed boards...

...reshaped by Witek with a sweet little swiss adze that Jacob had just bought...

...then screwed into place hugging the pendentive.

Here's the cake. With endless admiration.

Finicky fitting on the transition from the Main dome to the Zodiac level took all day.

All hands below deck for the last pieces. Here a clearly thrilled Jason Loik. Olga I'm sure was just caught in between smiles. A rare shot of her.

The staging slowly gets readjusted to lower levels to reveal the tent roof.

Off to the final day!

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