Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's really unusual... be relieved to be able to work on a Sunday!

 This was yesterday...

 ...this is today.

How hard can you make it for a few good people to put up a building in a museum? To complain about the level of cooperation from certain parties in charge here in Warsaw is assuming that they can even consider helping us. That is about as far as I want to comment on some of the politics that go on around this job site. I am glad I am not dealing with it.

So a few more pictures from our day off in Warsaw instead.

I don't know how this can relate to our little project in the big box, but I thought this worthy of a photo.

Olga makes a great tour guide! 
She led the way to the littles house in Warsaw 

Just a bit bigger than an air handling unit, literally wedged between two buildings.

All the way there and throughout the city one has to look up.

Mean icicles everywhere

But also pretty ones, when way behind a fence.

It is cold in Warsaw. Just like back home in Vermont.

This however is not like in Vermont! Fiat polski!

Its pretty though.

I took plenty more pictures, but we have a synagogue to finish.


  1. I read an article in an architecture magazine about that littlest house - it's really quite a spatially organized wonder!

  2. It must be! Unfortunately we could not visit. Next time it is open to the public isa few month from now, I think!