Friday, January 25, 2013

Raising on a birthday! My favorite thing to do

Though Jacob got the top seat in the house

It takes a while to thread the rafters up there.

This is not even his view. Just me climbing halfway up the ridge truss to hand him something!

We lowered the building down three feet to have the minimum access for the crane. Sorry, no good pictures of that for me. I did actually do some work aside from snapping pictures.

It's even hard to see the peak from down where the crane is. Woitek the crane operator again did a fine job.

Mind you, were those rafters dried and checked? Of course!

And maybe just a bit twisted?... That has yet to be dealt with.

Because this is where most of the people will be introduced to the frame. The main floor with a cafeteria pretty much all around it. Eye level.

Jacob said it didn't feel that high, because there was a railing all around and plenty of people stopping by to watch. 'But don't look down'

Meanwhile the painting continues for a few glorious trimboards. There are Krista, Matt and the two Jasons in that picture. Working late!

most of this got installed already.

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