Friday, January 25, 2013

The day after the birthday...

...can sometimes be a bit hazy. 

The author. This morning, showing his age.

Not that many pictures unfortunately. The camera crew took the day to shoot footage around the city, and nobody else took as much time and care as they do setting up the lights. Picture quality is back to amateur snapshot level!

There was also the creeping haze coming from an entirely different paint crew on the other side of a sheet of plastic. It has the horrible job of painting fireproof (!) paint - on metal, of all things! What a contrast to ours! Solvents like you would not believe. To the point where we are now questioning the true quality of our hangovers. Two people left the site with ashen colored faces, not being able to stand the smell. And they were not even out with us yesterday. Word now is that we won't be working tomorrow because these fumes are seriously noxious.

Not knowing all that - just smelling it- today was all about the dome hips. Those are the corner pieces of the interior dome, the part of the ceiling that has the largest surface and biggest curve.

These hip pieces have a compound curve, which adds complexity.

Some were replaced with new ones...

... some were amended.
(No, not a side effect of radioactive paint fumes- just a challenged camera)

I did find a decent picture of the rafter threading though!

The latest is that there is a work stop order for that painting job and no work for the TFG and HandsHouse crews tomorrow. This cuts our days remaining from 5 to 4! Talk about a mounting sense of urgency. 
There are ten more collar ties to hand up into the roof, twelve in total left to install. Plus twelve braces. All need to be drilled and pegged, some wrangled! Then there are 50odd rafters all around the building that need to be properly fitted and fastened.

Oh, did I mention that the ceiling has to get installed?

Stay tuned!

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