Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holz arbeitet!

The German language has a way of making one respect, albeit grudgingly, the fact that wood twists and shrinks as it dries. The title of this blog translates into 'wood works' as in 'wood labors'.

After a year and a half of sitting in stacks, bundled together, and with increasing protection from the weather: first tarps, then a little open shed and finally a cavernous concrete building, the timbers emerge  changed.

They are checked and out of square as well as twisted. Either over their entire length or in sections caused by joinery.

Several remedies are thought up and executed. Five craftsmen,at least ten different ways.

Most of them involving leverage.

Not the fastest process...

But the results need to honor the efforts of all those involved in building the frame in Sanok.

We are now at the level where short and long cross pieces pass through the log walls to form the roof overhang on the outside, and the base of the smaller square shaped box inside the walls that carries the next level of the roof. 

Our very cool spider like crane works quietly on electricity, steadily surrounding itself. 
Somewhat like Mary Anne the steam shovel. Not to worry, though. We have a plan to get it out!

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