Wednesday, January 23, 2013


  Big lift first thing in the morning. We went from 10 inches to 6 and a half feet.

 High enough to get the crane out and the scissor lift in.

Flying plates about to fly for real!

  This picture's for Bruce!

 A little more than half way...

 Irresistible to sneak a peek... this!

And a first impression of the scale and feel of the space that will be created. Up on cribbing with some weight still held by the slings, the ceiling board install in the coves became much more comfortable for the ceiling crew. And an ever growing awe inspiring display for those of us who have only seen pictures.

 The next big project was bringing in the lantern and raising it into position. 

 This required cutting out the timbers of the roof truss, that would be in the way. 

Just like the carpenters had done to the original Synagogue over three hundred years ago. 

Sixteen hands, assisted by a few more, moved the lantern into the building, where it was set first on saw horses, then on the scissor lift. This is the top most part of the ceiling that had been built in Sanok and left assembled.  We had a pretty good idea that the 'genie' would be able to raise all that weight, but it was a relief when it actually did.

A few more amendments had to be made with the lantern a few inches from its destination, a bit of wrestling with the bolts... but as it had to be the lantern is in its final position. 

Already ready to crown the ceiling!

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